We have lost the meaning of care

Who Cares? The impact of ideology, regulation and the marketisation on careMay 12, 2017
A CARE SYSTEM THAT HAS LOST ITS MOORINGS" The risks today are similar to those of the Victorian period. Social and economic problems - which have nothing to do with disabled people - are leading to heartless policies that will undermine human dignity and community relationships." Robin JacksonRobin Jackson offers a devastating critique of the current system of social care, particularly its impact on people with learning intellectual disabilities. The current system has abandoned common sense and has allowed dogma, bureaucracy and market-forces to dictate how society treats people.

How it is

FILM REVIEWKen Loach is not impartial. But he is accurate Finally got round to watching I Daniel Blake. I found it realistic, unsentimental, largely accurate and above all human. It is undoubtedly a war cry. The film is intended to make you angry. Loach makes no bones about that. And it does. The scene in the food bank is devastating in a quiet, very British sort of way.  Its critics say it’s doesn’t represent reality. Ian Duncan Smith, architect of our current sanctions-based welfare policies, said the film lumped all the bad things about the system together to stretch a point. Camilla Long in The Sunday Times film critic said the film "doesn’t ring true”. She did have the grace to admit she wasn't "an expert on welfare." It was, she went on, "misery porn for smug Londoners”. Toby Young in the Spectator said it “was unremittingly depressing”.  Well yes it is because for many people life on benefits is unremittingly depressing. Perhaps Young and Long should pop…

Care: The Binary Trap

The nation as community: Policies for the many not the few cannot exclude the few.